Important Strawberry Picking Updates

This page has the most up to date information regarding picking appointments and how our strawberries are doing.

Still Waiting on Flowers

July 23, 2021 Update

We had much better growing conditions this week! Cooler weather and some rain. However, we still don’t have many flowers which means we are still at least 2 or maybe 3 weeks away from having enough strawberries to make picking appointments. We appreciate that some people want to pick sooner than this! There are some other great strawberry upicks in our province and may be open for picking sooner than us. You can find all the upick farms for the whole province on the Alberta Farm Fresh website. Click the link below to go to their find-a-farm page. 

Alberta Farm Fresh Website

Due To Hot/Dry Weather We Are Not Currently Booking Appointments

July 18, 2021 Update

Due to the unusually hot/dry weather the strawberries are currently not making new flowers and therefore there are no strawberries to pick at the moment. 

Once it gets warmer than 27C the plants stop producing flowers and instead just produce runners and leaves. We are hoping with some cooler days and rain in the forecast the plants will start to flower and we can begin making appointments again. 

Our best guess is the soonest we will have berries again will be in August. We are sad and frustrated by this, but are doing our best to save the season and can hopefully have you out to pick later this summer! Thank you for your patience. 


Starting to Book Appointments!

July 8, 2021 Update

We have started to invite those who are on our waiting list to make appointments. We go through our waiting list on a first-come-first-serve basis. There are very limited appointments times this early in the season so we appreciate everyone’s patience as we try to ensure that everyone who wants to come and pick strawberries gets an opportunity. If you have not added yourself to our waiting list you can do so by clicking the Book Appointment button below.

The first strawberries are also our smallest of the season. Our plants produce more and bigger berries with each wave of production. If size is important to you we recommend you wait to book an appointment till later in the season (August or even September). 

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The First Strawberries Are Here!

July 4, 2021 Update

After a very hot week for the plants last week we are finally getting our first strawberries! These first strawberries are our smallest of the season and with very little water and extreme heat, this year is no exception. Our plants produce more and bigger berries with each wave of production. We will be notifying those who put themselves on the waiting list first to offer them appointments. We appreciate your patience as we try to ensure that everyone who wants to come and pick strawberries will get a chance to come out.

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Please Wash Before Tasting.

July 3, 2021 Update

We have always asked that you take your strawberries home and wash them before trying them. This year that is more important than ever! Alberta is now the North American hotspot for human alveolar echinococcosis, a rare parasitic infection. It is important that you wash ALL produce that comes from the ground or grows close to the ground before eating.
To find out more click the link below. 

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