Frequently Asked Questions

Our booking system has an automatic note saying there are no appointments available for the next 12 months. This is incorrect. We are working with the company who manages our booking system to allow us to change that message, but at the moment that is the default 

Once we have opened for the season new appointments open on a weekly basis. If you are seeing this note it means appointments for the current week are full, but more appointments will come.

Our peak picking season is August - October
(we have strawberries up until the first frost). 

Once we have opened for the season we open continuously throughout the summer. New appointment are opened weekly.

We have the highest demand for appointmnets in July, which means it is the hardest month to get an appointment. The strawberries are also smaller early in the season so if you prefer large strawberries we recommend coming in August - September. 

We want to ensure that if you make the trip to our field that we have strawberries for you to pick! We try and schedule only as many pickers as we have strawberries. 

This helps reduce the number of no shows.

We have had problems with people making appointments and then not showing up for their appointment. We try our best to make sure there are enough strawberries for you when you come out and pick, which means we have limited appointment spots. People booking a spot and not coming means one of our limited spots was wasted. We want to get as many people out to pick each summer as we can!

This question helps us plan how many pickers we can have out in a day. 

We want to ensure there are enough strawberries for each person/group that makes the trip out to the field and everyone gets the amount of strawberries they are hoping for. You do not have to pick the number of strawberries that you book for, but it helps us to know a rough estimate of how many strawberries you are wanting! 

Unfortunately we cannot answer or return phone calls at this time. We are a small family run strawberry upick and we are doing our best to keep up with all the forms of messages that come in.

We ask that you email us at regarding any concerns and we will do our best to respond in a timley manner. If you are inquiring about your position on the wait list, I assure you that you are still on it. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause and we appreciate your patience! 

We grow Seascape strawberries. These are day neutral strawberry, which means they have multiple waves of fruit throughout the summer - early fall. 

We cannot guarantee the size of the strawberries at any given time. However, the strawberries usually get larger as the season goes on. This means that our largest strawberries usually come in August and September. 

When you come and pick we ask that you pick all of the ripe strawberries in your row. This ensures the plants stay healthy and continue to produce strawberries all summer. Just like a blueberry is small and tastes good, small strawberries taste just as good as the larger ones! 

We have always asked that you take your strawberries home and wash them before trying them. This year thats more important than ever! Alberta is now the North America hotspot for human alveolar echinoccosis, a rare parasitic infection. It is important that you wash ALL produce that comes from the ground or grows close to the ground before eating. 

If you booked an appointment that we had to cancel from our end we will work with you to find another date to come out and pick. You will get an email from us explaining why we need to move the appointment and personally reschedule you to your desired day to ensure you are not charged a second booking fee. 

The most common need to reschedule is due to weather and we appreciate everyone’s understanding.