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Strawberry U-Pick!

Located in Southwest Edmonton

- Strawberry Fields is a family run, pesticide free, Strawberry U-Pick farm located in Southwest Edmonton. 
- See our map for specific instructions.
- Picking strawberries is by APPOINTMENT ONLY 


Pricing is $5/lb

Our large baskets hold about $25 of strawberries (~ 5lbs of berries)

- We provide free baskets but you may bring your own
- We weigh the berries at the end of your picking to determine the price
- When booking an appointment we ask for you to estimate how many baskets you would like to pick to help us know how many appointments we can schedule. 
- We currently accept cash or etransfer as payment.

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Book a Picking Time

By Appointment Only

- Appointments will open up as soon as we have enough strawberries
- We run by Appointment Only! (There are no drop in times)
- If there are no appointment times it means that this weeks appointments are currently full. 
- We only open a weeks worth of appointments at a time
- If there are no appointments currently availalbe you can put yourself on our waiting list. We will be working through this list and offering picking appointments on a first come first serve basis.


Online map to our farm


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