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Picking Season: July-September

Located in Southwest Edmonton

- Strawberry Fields is a family run, chemical free, Strawberry U-Pick farm located in Southwest Edmonton. 
- See our map for specific instructions.
- Picking strawberries is by APPOINTMENT ONLY, so please see below how to book yourself a time to come and pick! 



$5/lb (5lbs seen in basket in picture)

- We provide free baskets.
- We will weigh the berries at the end of your picking to determine the price.
- When booking an appointment we ask for you to estimate how many baskets you would like to pick to help us know how many appointments we can schedule. 
- We currently accept cash or etransfer as payment.

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Book a Picking Time

By Appointment Only

- We run by Appointment Only! (There are no drop in times)
- If there are no appointment times it means that this weeks appointments are currently full. 
- We only open a weeks worth of appointments at a time
- You can put yourself on our waiting list if you would like to be contacted to make an appointment
UPDATE! Our waiting list is currently full for the season. Sept 1 we will update this message to potentially re-open the waiting list.


Online map to our farm


Important information for your visit


Answers to our most asked questions

Contact Us

We are unable to respond to phone calls. Please text or email us.